Chemical Feed Systems

What a Chemical Feeder Does

A Chemical feed system is installed for several reasons. One of the main purposes behind a chemical feed system is to raise or lower the pH in your water. The system measures the amount of water used and pumps sodium hydroxide or soda ash into your water at the necessary amount to ensure that the pH in your water is neutral. Another use of a chemical feeder is to eliminate odors that may be coming from your water. Adding a certain amount of bleach to your feeder and having it mix with the water coming from your well is a good way to eliminate odors such as sulfur from your water that you may be experiencing. Chemical feed systems are the most economical way to treat your pH and odor issues.

PULSAtron Feed Pump

•Electronic Feed pump

•Electronic Meter

•1" inline mixing chamber

•The pump sits atop either a 35 gallon solution tank or a 15 gallon solution tank

•The Chemical feed Systems are designed to help regulate Ph levels

•Also helps eliminate odors.

•Amount of water used is measured by a pulse meter

•Internal reed switch signals control circuit

•It activates pulsaTRON pump as every 1/10 gallon of water is used

•Accurately injects controlled amount of chemical into your water

**All types of feed systems can be serviced and installed.
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