Reverse Osmosis System

What an R.O. System Does

R.O. simply stands for Reverse Osmosis. The pressure from a household tap sources your water through the R.O. membrane and the membrane separates the water at the molecular level. The membrane acts as a filter so the the R.O. water reduces dissolved solids and impurities. The water that was cleaned through this process is then held in a storage tank for holding, and readily available for use.

Microline Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Microline R.O. drinking water system provides crystal clear water for drinking and cleaning purposes. The R.O. system is  a cost effective way to provide your household with drinking water on a daily basis and no more need for bottled water. Water is treated in its membrane and series of filters, which is then held in a storage tank ready to be used to make coffee, clean foods, cook meals, and most importantly drink.

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Note:  We highly recommend pre-treating the water prior to the RO to get the best quality water possible.

Microline Filters (Reverse Osmosis)

  • Prefiltrating Sediment filter
  • Membrane that eliminates impurities
  • Carbon filters to reduce remaining tastes and odors
  • Sizes vary depending on the type of RO
  • Filters should be changed once a year to ensure the best quality water

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